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Pre – requisite:

Server configuration > Tracing > “Allow client tracing on AOS” is checked.

How to use:

1. Download & Import the tables tracer xpo.
2. Reopen the Ax client
3. Go to Tools> Development Tools > Tables Tracer, this will open the tables tracer form
5. Click on Start
6. Perform the action/Functional Flow you want to trace in Ax.
7. Come back to the tool and click on ‘stop’ button. Now you have all the data to analyze.
8. Select the kind of operation(Insert/Update/Delete) in Combo to view the tables involved.
9. Select a table to view the code paths/stacks where that operation is performed.
10. Selecting an item from this will display the stack in detail.
11. And select an item in the stack to display the code.
12. Click on Edit, if you want to view the code in editor
13. Check Sql Tab to know the exact sql used in the backend.
14. Click on Clear All logs button, before you want to trace again.

U can also Export/Import the traces.

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